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Friday, July 21, 2006

What A Lump!

New comic up today. Squeeks has more problems at hand...errr...paw! If it's not one thing I tell you, it's another!


Sorry for the MIA status...but I have forgotten the password/login to my blog. Sounds silly I know, but their password email system was not working either! So now I can blog again. Hope my 2 readers have not been

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mum's Day!

This is just a shout out to all those Mother's out there. Single, married, any and all mothers, Have a Happy Mother's Day! 364 1/2 days of work and FINALLY, a day that is your day! Enjoy!

Single dads raising kids can also enjoy today...I guess (although there won't be any specials at any places to eat for you today though). Kudos to you all for taking care of us brats! lol

Squeeks wants to tell his mum that he loves her as well! "Stop making babies!" lol

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Deer Squeeks,

It would appear, that when in Texas, you should never mess with them. But I would like to add the fact that not only should you never mess with Texas, but you should never mess with Texas Deer. On the way from California to Alabama, about 20 minutes north of Pecos, TX, our car and a deer had a "meet with Jesus" meeting...and it did not go well. While the deer spends the rest of eternity in grassy fields and dining on anything that a deer could wish for, our car rambled back in a pittiful heap to a body shop in Ozark, AL. $4,000+ is the deer damage, and thanks to a great insurance company and my dad, Ol Electra is being fixed as we speak.

Poor deer...poor car...but Squeeks and the gang is safe...and hopefully we can get a new strip up soon.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Can Opener Anyone?

New comic up. It would appear that Squeeks was not excited about the $20 offer from the local pawn shop...and decided not to sell the spacecraft. So what is this thing anyway? And what will they do with it? Who knows, but isn't it like that in real life. You need money, so you think you can make a quick buck with a sure fire item...but only to find that while it's are the only one that thinks it is worth anything. Only later do you find out its true worth. Enjoy!

Origami'o Mr. Roboto?
By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY Wed Mar 1, 7:22 AM ET
Mysterious Origami by Microsoft to take on iPod

Tech industry analysts expect Microsoft to announce design details on Thursday for a new device for on-the-go computing, code-named Origami.

Tech-related blogs have been buzzing about Origami - part iPod-killer, part handheld video gaming device, part souped-up BlackBerry- since last week.
The buzz began after an advertising agency, DigitalKitchen, posted a four-minute commercial clip at a popular video website showing a prototype Origami being used to surf the Web, download music and videos, play the popular Halo video game and work on multimedia projects.
The appearance of the commercial roughly coincided with Microsoft's posting of a Web page,, cryptically promising details about Origami on Thursday.
DigitalKitchen referred all questions to Microsoft's public relations firm, Waggener Edstrom.
Kathleen Callaghan, a Waggener Edstrom spokeswoman, acknowledged that Microsoft paid to have the commercial - viewable at produced about a year ago for internal use only.
She said it depicts "possible uses and scenarios" for Origami.
Microsoft executives have outlined Origami's basic design at two prominent developer conferences in recent months. Tech industry analysts anticipate that Microsoft will release design criteria to device manufacturers Thursday.
It is widely expected to be no larger than 10 inches, equipped with a full version of the Windows desktop PC operating system and priced from $500 to $800.
Much like the Windows Tablet PCs Microsoft introduced in 2000, the Origami will be operated with a penlike stylus, though it may also be available with an optional mini-keyboard.
Analyst Matt Rosoff at Directions on Microsoft says the device might be appealing to mainstream consumers.
"It's targeted at the consumer laptop market, which has been growing like crazy for the last two years," he says.
Origami could also help the software giant close the gap on two hot-selling competitors: Apple's iPod music and video player and Sony's PlayStation Portable gaming console.
But by trying to be all things to all consumers, Origami may find it difficult to earn "cool" points, predicts Piper Jaffray tech industry analyst Gene Munster.
"Consumers are generally bashful about trying technology they don't understand," Munster says. "Ultimately, this will prove to be a marginally accepted product."

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Grass Isn't Greener!

I was thinking the other day, that since my wife and I came to California, I have only seen one pawn shop. Where we are from, it’s not uncommon to find 5 to 10 pawn shops littered around the town, making big bucks from the financial woes of others. It’s the same thing for everyone really. We go into the shop hopeful, expecting to walk out with plenty of cash. But in the end, we are usually met with heavy resistance, and chump change. Pawn shop merchants know their trade! And you can never beat them at their game. Poor, poor Squeeks, his Xbox 360 dilemma continues.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don't Cross Me!

My wife loves playing Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS. We each have our own way of making money in the game, which are called bells. Everything in the game revolves around decorating, and finding new ways to make bells or keep neighbors from moving away to a better neighborhood. I began thinking yesterday about the game's money system, and how the oddest of items sell for ridiculous amounts of money. For example, turnips, which are sort of the in-game stock market, can reach up to 600 bells each on some days. It would be insane if in real life, a bee could net you about 6 grand! But in Animal Crossing, such items are in hot demand! Expect the local merchant there to rip you off occasionally, and force you to work off a bigger mortgage immediately after you pay off the

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Crazy New Video!

Wife woke up singing this song the other day and thought it would be hillarious. Anyway, check out the video we made together!