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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia!

So, with the movie almost here, I am so curious as to how Disney will pull this one off. While I love most Disney movies, my favorite being The Lion King, I really want them to pull out all the stops for this movie. Not only does the series of books have a great story, as well as a similar biblical focus, but the titles deserve all the best to make it a smash hit! The Lord of the Rings movies were simply awesome, and they went well out of their way to make that world so believable. And from the looks of it, Disney appears to be doing the same with the first Narnia story. Either way, it has to be better than the films that came out in Europe several years ago. Just thinking about those still make me cringe. ;p
If you have never seen those, open this link in a new window;location=Hereford


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