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Monday, November 21, 2005

Home Sweet Home, As Long As You Don't Steal Our Pencils!

Shoplifting to the extreme! Want to get your hands of a new Xbox 360, but shoplifting one just isn't extreme enough for you? Then take the Home Depot Extreme Shoplifting challenge!!! When your as extreme as this guy, who knows what you will do next!

Customer banned for pocketing pencil

METHUEN, Mass. (AP) - Home Depot Inc. has apologized to a carpenter who was banned by the chain worldwide after he absent-mindedly pocketed a store pencil he had used to do some quick math.
Michael Panorelli, 51, of Lawrence, Mass., was accused of shoplifting from the Methuen store last Thursday and banned by the chain.
Panorelli was with a client and had just bought some lumber when the client picked up the pencil sitting next to a cash register for Panorelli to use. Panorelli pocketed the pencil and was met in the parking lot by a worker who asked for identification.
The worker presented Panorelli with one letter saying he was banned from Home Depot, and another advising that he would be hearing from the company's lawyers.
Panorelli took his story to the Eagle-Tribune newspaper in Lawrence, which published it on the weekend.
On Sunday, Atlanta-based Home Depot issued a written apology, saying the incident was prompted by a narrow interpretation of its shoplifting-prevention rules.
"We will not be pursuing any claims against Mr. Panorelli for this incident," the statement said. "We welcome Mr. Panorelli back as a customer in our stores at any time."
But the carpenter said he had no intention of doing business there again.
"Why should I put money in someone's pocket when they treat me like this?" he said.

Article source:CNET:

I'm pretty sure they offered him more than just a welcome back to our store. What company does this to a person??? Ban them for taking a pen/pencil?
"Sure we have a lot of employee theft in the back of the warehouse, but this, this pencil stealing, thats got to stop now!"


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