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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mail Call Pvt. Honey!

Wow, I gotta say, I was impressed lastnight by two things. One, that there is a WW2 game thats so realistic and captures the chaos and craziness of war...which is called Call of Duty 2. Second, that my wife would like it as much as she did. We downloaded the demo online. She played it, then played again. Had to peel her from it when dinner was She likes a good game every now and then, and we play a game or two together sometimes, but for her to like a fast paced game like that was different.

Just one bit of advice though. If this was in a real war, stay clear of Often times she would find enemy grenades at her feet, in which case, she would freak out and run away, while throwing grenades in no general direction and looking up at the sky times landing her own grenades at friendly


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