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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Deer Squeeks,

It would appear, that when in Texas, you should never mess with them. But I would like to add the fact that not only should you never mess with Texas, but you should never mess with Texas Deer. On the way from California to Alabama, about 20 minutes north of Pecos, TX, our car and a deer had a "meet with Jesus" meeting...and it did not go well. While the deer spends the rest of eternity in grassy fields and dining on anything that a deer could wish for, our car rambled back in a pittiful heap to a body shop in Ozark, AL. $4,000+ is the deer damage, and thanks to a great insurance company and my dad, Ol Electra is being fixed as we speak.

Poor deer...poor car...but Squeeks and the gang is safe...and hopefully we can get a new strip up soon.


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